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Alfa elektro - usluge, automatizacija malih hidroelektrana

We can offer you complete solutions for automation small hydropower plant. Production of control cabinets, PLC and SCADA programming, electric drives control, reactive power compensation are just few among many things that we have successfully done.




Alfa elektro - lager opreme

Through our perennial experience we came to conclusion that, beside quality, customers really appreciate a delivery time, so we are able to offer equipment from world leading manufacturers and we are doing our best to have frequently wanted equipment in stock based on our estimation. Daily updated list of our stock, you can see by clicking here.

SIEMENS - Solution Partner

Alfa elektro je prvi Siemens solution partner

ALFA-ELEKTRO d.o.o. are the first SIEMENS SOLUTION PARTNER in Republic of Srpska, and the one of four in BiH. On the basis of our expertise, solutions quality and services from micro automation area, we proudly presents SIEMENS certificate.




Alfa elektro - prodaja elektroenergetske opreme

The initial activity was the sale of electric power equipment and construction of electricity works, and after the change in ownership structure, in June 2010, the company changed course of action and the main activity becomes small hydro automation and industrial automation. In addition to the execution of works we are selling low and medium voltage equipment, both components and finished product.



We are able to offer complete solutions for automation of small hydro power plants of various types of turbines and power, automation of different types of plants and industrial processes, visualize and control the managed processes, control cabinets, frequency converters ... Our solutions are based primarily on equipment known manufacturers such as Siemens, Schneider and Vacon, which we are authorized representatives.



...are companies of metal, wood, food industry, mine, waterworks, refineries, power plants i dr.



...strives to meet all your requirements in the best way. The company currently has five full-time employees, if necessary, outsource.



... is to eventually become one of the leading companies in the field of automation, recognizable by its solutions and quality.



Our automation solution for small hydropower plant


 -    cabinet dimensions 2000x1600x600

-    PLC S7 300 i S7 1200 Siemens

-    HMI 15“ Siemens

-    Lot equipment Schneider Electric

-    SCADA WinCC Professional

-    ComAp relay for the protection and synchronization

-    Basler device control initiatives



This is certainly a solution that consists of two cabinets containing equipment and automation equipment for the connection of a generator to the grid.
The system is controlled by a controller 300 Siemens S7 series. Power plant can be operated in three ways: through the panel, push button and via SCADA control room.
All measurements (power, current, voltage) can be permanently archived on a computer that is running the SCADA.






-    cabinet dimensions 1200x800x400

-    PLC S7 1200 Siemens

-    HMI 6,4“ Siemens

-    Lot equipment Schneider Electric

-    ComAp relay for the protection and synchronization



This is the solution for more modest applications in the sense that we do not have the option of archiving data, but whatever it contains all the elements necessary for the management of the power plant.
The system manages the S7 controller 1200, which all measured data transferred to the panel.
Management is possible through the panel or using the key. The system can be upgraded to meet the requirements of the client.